Preparing for a Print Run

Determine the Images to be Reproduced.

By using a Colson Art Printing grid sheet (provided in our free art information kit) you can determine the space available for sizing your prints and planning your print run. Generally, your largest and most prominent piece(s) will take priority on the sheet, and other items will fill the remaining space. Please do not hesitate to fax us your grid sheet for a preliminary quote. We'll be happy to work with you to achieve the most effective layout.

Sizing the Original Art or Color Transparency.

Sizing (reducing or enlarging) is often thought of as being difficult and hard to execute. The key is to understand the process and know the formula. The following is a guide to sizing your art.


divided by




Filling the Sheet

At Colson Art Printing, gang runs are the norm. We do not gang your work with other artists because we encourage you to 'fill the sheet' with your own work! Gang runs are usually more cost effective compared to single order printing. The reasons for this are simple. First, our standard sheet size is 26 x 40 (25 x 39.5 usable or printable area) or half of that sheet, 20 x 26 (19 x 25.5 usable or printable area). Anything less than these sizes results in wasted paper which could be your sellable prints or promotional items. Secondly, press time is valuable. Obviously, printing two different prints on the same sheet is cheaper than printing the two prints separately. Interested? Give us a call...1-800-323-7280...we'll be happy to prepare a custom estimate for your next project.

Use a Colson Art Printing grid sheet (provided in our free art information kit) or make your own. Let 1/4" represent 1". Remember, our full sheet size is 26 x 40. We use 1/2" at the top and bottom and 1/4" on the sides. This leaves you with a final area of 25 x 39.5. You can make your grid in proportion to this size! If you would rather print on a half sheet, use 20 x 26 allowing the same trim. This will give you 19 x 25.5 as the final sheet size. Remember, this size includes your borders as well.
After ruling the grid sheet (1/4" represents 1"), place the largest piece at the bottom left side of the sheet.
Position other pieces in the remaining space. These pieces may include different images or other items using the same image (ie: small prints or notecards). Continue to 'fill the sheet' working left to right from the bottom left corner of the grid sheet.

Type and Paper Selection

Colson Art Printing has a wide range of type styles and paper choices to meet the needs of artists and publishers. You may have your own personal preference for type, or allow our art consultants to suggest a tasteful style for your art prints, notecards, brochures and other printed material.

Type Placement

The following guidelines are suggested for titles and copyright information which you may wish to include in the border area of your print.

Title of Your Image
Copyright Information
© 2011 Your Name and/or Gallery Name
Paper Selection

Paper selection is possibly the most important decision you will make concerning the look of your prints. At Colson Art Printing we offer a variety of paper choices for prints, posters, post cards, greeting cards, brochures and presentation folders. All have their own unique look, feel and print characteristics. Regardless of your choice, all of our products are printed with fade resistant inks to give them the quality and longevity they deserve. In addition, all of our papers are acid free and archival quality.

100 lb. Unisource Velvet Cover

Unisource Velvet Cover is a premium dull coated printing paper. Its high brightness and balanced whiteness deliver crisp, powerful color. And its remarkable uniform surface, coupled with superior ink holdout, mean near perfect on-press performance every time. It is acid free. SFI certified, 10.3 caliper.

Essex Coated Cover - 100% Cotton

Essex Coated Cover is made of 100% cotton fiber. This fiber is exceptionally long and very, very strong. Essex Coated Cover has a 14 point caliper and has the feel that makes this sheet one of the finest papers for fine art printing. It is matte coated to give the finished print the look of the original work of art.

80 lb. Accent® Opaque Cover

This is an excellent uncoated sheet with minimal dot gain. Its bright white color and smooth finish makes it an exceptional choice for reproductions that require a natural feel and bright colors. Accent Opaque Cover is acid free.

Job Parilux Dull

Job Parilux has a velvety smooth surface. A deep matt that reproduces the depth and density of color, and enhances graphic effects. Job Parilux Dull is 111lb. Coated Cover and is acid free.

Sundance Felt Cover

Sundance Felt Cover is a premium uncoated paper. Attractive and beautiful as it is, it is as economical as it is exquisite. Sundance Felt is a textured white paper with a soft,replica watches muted look and feel. 80lb. weight 14 caliper.

80 lb. Coated Text

80 lb. Coated Text is our most common sheet for producing reference sheets and brochures. It has excellent print properties for accurate color and is lightweight for mass mailings.

100 lb. Coated Text

100 lb. Coated Text is the paper of choice for artists who want accurate color on lightweight posters or a heavier sheet for catalogs, brochures and reference sheets.

10 pt Coated One Side Cover

10 pt Coated Cover is the workhorse sheet used in the printing industry. It is ideal for post cards, greeting cards and economical art reproductions.

Fine Art Canvas

If you are presently printing your limited and open editions on paper, consider also printing them on canvas. Fine Art Canvas has a unique, specially-formulated top coat for printing ink receptivity. Canvas prints replica christian louboutin shoes can be stretched and painted over the ink, creating new and original images. We use Breathing Color Brilliance Chromata White 20 mil. Fine Art Canvas is acid free.

Museo Silver Rag

Museo Silver Rag is 100% cotton and 300gsm.

Watercolor Paper

We offer smooth watercolor papers in 280gsm and textured watercolor papers in 315gsm and 505gsm.